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We knew it wouldn’t be an easy assignment: As a groundbreaking division of the biggest video game company in the world, it was becoming increasingly important that we establish an individual identity within the overall brand. Our belief was that if EA Games is an iconic global lifestyle label, then EA Music should be, too. We sought a visual identifier that communicated confidence and edge, encapsulating our skills as storytellers and experience enhancers. We needed a graphic logo that said ‘artist-friendly and consumer-diverse’, affirming a brand that begins in gaming, but delivers worldwide cultural relevance that goes beyond the gaming format. The EAT team got it. From our initial meetings through conceptual designs, Renata’s branding and design teams instinctively understood the optics of the story we needed to tell. Their graphics – and communications – were always confident and forward-thinking. Most of all, everything they brought us was uniquely intuitive. Their final logo for EA Music captured the sound of a seismic shift in the way EA Music defines global culture, and vice versa. It’s always a pleasure to work with pros. It’s even better when they’re as focused, instinctive and creative as EAT.
Worldwide Executive at EA Music Group
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Working with EAT was so smooth. We came to them with a unique request and it was finished with confidence. Their enthusiasm for the project was real and I can’t wait to collaborate again soon.
Producer at Red Bull Media House
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'EAT has virtually transformed our business through their incredible design. they gave a fresh, edgy makeover to all of our materials -- from sales decks to marketing presentations to newsletters and more. the design was completely on-brand yet totally transformative, elevating our company on all levels. the entire process was thorough yet fast and in-depth yet simple, and when it was all done I realized that I'd learned a great deal about my own brand. since the initial re-brand, we continue to use EAT for every major design initiative and are always pleased with the beautiful results and quick turnaround. the materials we work with have had a direct impact on increasing sales: clients consistently tell us that our presentations and proposals are the best they've seen. I can't recommend this firm highly enough!'
CEO, Hello Society
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“Hi Everyone. IT LOOKS SO AMAZING. The presentation was yesterday and I am happy to say- IT WAS AMAZING!!!
We killed it thanks to ya’ll!
Culture Marketing Assistant at Red Bull
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EAT worked around the clock to deliver us an amazing visualizer and microsite under an extremely tight deadline… they killed it.
Blood Company founder and manager to Skrillex and Zedd
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'transforming ordinary conversation into creative concepts, is not impossible. turning a simple brief into an entire campaign, is simple enough. converting raw emotion into a never before seen branded content platform, is not for the faint of heart. having the chops to catapult our sick ideas out of the paper and into life, is what makes me want to work with you.'
Rider USA
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after finalizing the project with tidal, we were requested to teach a private class on storytelling and keynote presentations to dave holmes who was pitching his vision to jay-z. 'renata, you have literally changed my life and given me such confidence about putting decks and presentations together. I am eternally grateful to you and gabriel. thank you!'
Coldplay's Manager and Tidal's CMO
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'team, I gotta tell you... this was an iconic and pivotal moment in my career and the company.
I'm crazy, demanding, the material complex and dense...timeline unrealistic but
eat delivered one of the best presentations according to the crowd.
a magical mix of data, technology and storytelling.'
ex- Millennial Media VP of Global Video Sales, now Head of Sales at VICE
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when presenting 5 different sketches with brand ideas:
'thank you for the terrific work you showed us this morning. the depth of your thinking really shows. the entire team is excited about what we saw today and we're fighting over which version we love the most. it's exactly what you said would happen when you guys had the time and energy to bring to the project!
honestly, Jeremy (Walt, Maker Studios SVP) was basically jumping up and down after you left, talking about how impressed he was by your work today and telling people that EAT is killing it.'
Director, Maker LABS
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'I'm buzzing. great first run. I love it. you guys are amazing. EAT is f*CKING incredible.'
Founder + Managing Partner, Hyper x House
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'working with eat was beautiful. it has been such a pleasure working with you and the team as well!'
Event Producer, Tumblr
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'a shoot featuring two top world sports celebrities needs a quick, detailed and focused production; EAT exceeded all of our expectations. a project that resulted in 57 million views in Latin America wouldn't have had all of this success without them as partners.'
Executive Creative Directors R/GA São Paulo
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'impeccability would be the word of choice to describe the work we did with EAT in preparation for our rapid prototyping workshop with Kobe Bryant. Renata and her team manage to combine professionalism with a genuine passion for what she does that you seldom find out there. an experience to be remembered...'
Founding Partner, Mandalah / FLAG
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'working with EAT was seamless. from the initial creative dialogue to the execution, the details were there the entire time. the team are experts in the development of creative concepts and technical components of the digital space.'
Ferry Corsten's Manager, RedLight Management
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"Make it happen". That’s the perfect way of defining the works I’ve accomplished due to EAT’s collaboration on my films. Two times I’ve needed them and they were always fulfilling. They made it happen. No worries, just getting things done. One step after the other, bam bam bam, and we had amazing results.
ex- Director at Zeppelin, now Director at Primo
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