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Maker is kinda a big deal. if you don’t believe us, get that Disney bought the company in 2014!

Maker Studios are the global leader in short-form video that reaches Millennials and the largest content network on YouTube, attracting more than 11 billion views every month with over 650 million subscribers. they work with 55,000 independent creator partners, in over 100 countries, to strategize communication ideas through co-creation so that big brands can reach the audience that doesn’t consume traditional media anymore, the Millennials.

Maker asked us to create a deck to be presented at NewFronts, a conference that is mecca for Digital Media. when we started the project, we realized Maker was having difficulty solidifying the brand because of it’s newness. before we could get work, we had to help them tell their story by fully understanding their brand. once we hit the nail on the head, we created a one hundred twenty-five page deck that helped Maker fully understand its identity, with some nice printed brochures for everyone at the presentation to keep.

services: scripting ; storytelling ; deck development - we’ve created the maker studios’ main go-to-market deck + the presentation that was presented at new fronts ; leave behind design - printable document / brochure

Maker’s CEO told us that our work was prideworthy and the company was thankful for our “tireless hours… and willingness to do whatever it [took] to get the job done.” we will be proud of our work for this project forever!

"thank you for all of your tireless work on the Newfront. Our CEO, Ynon, specifically called out the quality of the presentation materials in an email that went out to the core Newfronts team yesterday. You should be proud." - Joe Barbarsky - Director of Maker LABS. "We have smiles here today" - Aryelle Lawrence - VP of Sales

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