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When you want to dominate the eSports arena, you create killer tournaments, broadcast them and turn to us for branding assistance.

Acquired by Activision Blizzard in 2016, MLG is an eSports organization that holds video game tournaments throughout North America. The company has been involved in different productions and aims to turn computer and console game tournaments into full fledged competitive events. MLG decided to create a new broadcast called MLG Checkpoint, intending to launch it at BlizzCon 2017 in November. After the third day of the conference, MLG Checkpoint was the show that would cover all the details of the competition, including live look-ins, pre-produced packages, press conferences, storylines, social integrations and live recap.

The MLG team was striving to become the #1 eSports gaming source, with the most authentic and credible gameplay experts out there. In order to to do this, they knew they needed a strong brand identity and various broadcast assets, which is where we came in. We knew the brand needed to come across as modern and gender neutral, while still remaining in line with the gaming industry. It would also have to seamlessly merge the Blizzard blue with the MLG colors, so as to give it its own unique identity. Another challenge was operating under a tight deadline; time management became crucial since we were working with clients and a team spread out across 5 different time zones. Collaborating across oceans required us to stay in constant contact, which helped speed the delivery process up.

We were tasked with brand development and analysis, as well as creating motion graphics. We began the project by approving visual references and animation styles, using it as an entryway into the minds of the MLG team. Through knowing their likes and dislikes, we could understand their taste and thought processes. Not only did the team provide clear feedback and direction, but they were also very responsive and accepting of the constant timeline adjustments. This kind of relationship with a client makes the creating process flow with ease.

Once the references were approved, we delivered two rounds of brand options before the final one was chosen. From here, the winning logo was replicated via different branded materials and the assets were designed, keeping animation, flow and SFX in mind.

When launch day arrived, the show was watched by thousands of people. We walked away from this project feeling proud of our work and appreciative of our deepened relationship with MLG/Blizzard.

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