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Maker Labs challenged EAT to create a brand and a deck that would humanize technology. think Baymax, Siri and Her all into one briefing - one of the most interesting briefings we've ever had.

our first ever project with Maker was for their Maker Labs division, which is responsible to creating, implementing and monitoring all co-creation campaigns with internet talents in efforts to ensure both sides are reaching millennials in the most efficient way possible.

lots and lots of analytical numbers are involved, so when LABS asked us to help them discover their brand to then create a go-to-market deck to use in sales pitches, we knew we had our work cut out for us. the briefing was to create a brand that represents the way technology will present itself in the future, so we looked to inspirations such as, Baymax from Big Hero Six and Siri (like from the movie Her). we discovered that technology is approachable and almost welcoming, not scary and hard.

with our findings, we realized we had to avoid making this a pitch with so many stats involved that people left with their brains completely fried. we had to make this less daunting, more approachable, & bring it life to it.

we created the go-to-market deck, making all the technology and data humanized, even creating a motion graphic logo video to further bring everything to life. maker LABS still uses the deck to this day for target pitching. go us! we now work closely with Maker on many other projects due to our success with this project, and their office has become our second home. we love you Joe Babarsky!

services: a full concept study to understand the brand's goals and universe ; brand development and brand applications ; animated motion graphic video ; sales deck

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