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Millennial Media needed team posters to represent their core values. Remember those cheesy “There’s no I in TEAM” posters at school? Definitely not what we were going for!

The Millennial Media project was special to our hearts because we got to work with friends to make beautiful things happen.

MM is the leading independent mobile marketplace, making mobile advertising simple for the world’s top brands, app developers and publishers. anytime you are using an app, Millennial Media helps control the ads you see.

We were asked to illustrate the company’s core values on posters that would be around the office in efforts to unite various employees and create team spirit.

We had to highlight the belief of “our employees first”, keeping things fun and inviting, but avoiding expected “inspirational” posters. Millennial wrote the phrases, then we created the design, typography and graphics.

If you step into any of MM’s ten offices, expect to see our posters hung throughout and our designs on coffee mugs, t-shirts or other office supplies.

Our favorite design from the project was a green foam finger to go with phrase, “We love our work and it shows”. What embodies team spirit more than a huge foam finger? That phrase hit home for us on this project.

“Working with EAT was a breath of fresh air. We came to them with a challenge and they knocked it out of the park. EAT brings more than just design solutions, it’s a whole creative process that we learn from as well. Looking forward to our next collaboration.”
Chris Scott - creative director

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