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We needed to transform a boring presentation into a show and, as a result, we also managed to transform a PC guy into a golden macbook guy.

We were beyond excited to get back to work with our friends at Millennial Media.

For this project, we were brought in by the sales team and VP to create a presentation (which would be seen by 300+ people) showing goals for the coming year, but a lot of the information was super data-heavy.

The challenge was to create a unique experience, a show of sorts that wouldn’t bore the audience, all while highlighting business strengths and the challenges in the market. We turned the speech into an interesting story by adding effects to every slide (internal jokes, animations, videos and cool moments). This kept things fun and interesting, telling a seamless story when paired with all the data and information.

VP, Jason Bitensky, expressed that he felt much more confident about presenting the information given the how much detail we put into the deck, and according to him, people couldn’t stop talking about it. He said the presentation was “an iconic and pivotal moment in my career and the company”. And we were able to turn Jason from a PC guy to an Apple products lover!

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