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Skrillex & Rick Ross

Sometimes you just want to do something just to see if you can do it. A call came into our office: We need it in a week…Do you think you could make it happen? We did. And it was awesome.

Here’s how it went down:

Blaise DeAngelo from Owsla, Skrillex’s label, called into our office with a request: “Sonny and Rick Ross are about to release a new track called “Purple Lamborghini” for the Suicide Squad soundtrack and they need to find a way to make the YouTube version of the song stand apart...Can we commission you to make something awesome?”

Blaise had remembered the work we had done a few months ago creating a unique Captain’s Chair for Skrillex as a gift from Red Bull and knew that we’re always game for a creative challenge.

“EAT worked around the clock to deliver us an amazing visualizer and microsite under an extremely tight deadline… they killed it.”

Tim Smith, Blood Company founder and manager to Skrillex and Zedd

Once we closed the particulars of the deal, around 10pm, our designers set to work. We knew we wanted to make the track “dance” as you listened to it so we created an “Audio Reactive Visualizer”, that would bounce and jam with the beats of the track. We worked through that night and the next day, and by morning of day three we had the “Frames” set so that our animators could get to work. Working closely with the team at OWSLA we dialed in the animation.

Everyone was stoked on the ARV so much so that “Sonny wondered if we could do one more thing…” He wanted to know if we could make a stand-alone “Micro-site” for the track. We took a collective deep breath…who needs sleep, right? :) No problem. After another brief deal negotiation we hit the keyboard...the design pad...the pavement...we were very tired at this point, too tired for any metaphors. We hit the ground running again and worked through the night to get the “micro-site” dialed in.

24-hours later, the micro-site went live: In just a week, the “Audio Reactive Visualizer” track accumulated over 11 million views, a number which we suspect will grow exponentially once Suicide Squad hits theaters in August.

We love movies. We love Skrillex. We love movies and Skrillex and challenging ourselves.
We slept really well when it was all over.

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