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Vital signs and thermometers and sensors, oh my! ARC Connected Health is taking over the vital world in a sleek, modern way.

Wanting to revolutionize vital-sign measuring tools, ARC Connected Health set out to create a non-touch digital sensor technology. Partnering with some of the best minds in the medical and communication fields, this company set out to bring fast and easy health solutions to homes and clinical environments across the globe.

Our relationship with ARC began through their touch-less thermometer, Instatemp. Since this was their first customer-based product, it needed to be sleek, effective and user friendly. Wanting to veer away from the more traditional options on the market, we sought to convey a lifestyle and set of family values.

After revamping their website,, we created all of the branded materials and structure for the product to be sold live. This included a special website featuring the product for a Good Morning America appearance. The site was displayed live on the show and since GMA has huge mainstream coverage, we knew it could lead to a lot of potential sales. Making sure that the site could handle several orders and requests at the same time, we created a seamless experience that led to a total success.

From here, we began redesigning the mother brand. We started with the logo, simplifying it in a modern way, without losing the essence of the original. In addition, we worked on the sub brands, such as InstaTemp MD and InstaTemp Connect, defining color palettes, textures, photography concepts and more. By the end of the brand development process, we signed on to continue working with ARC on a monthly basis, creating all of their materials for every need imaginable. ARC rests easy knowing they can rely on our team.

There’s nothing more satisfying than earning the trust of a client and that is exactly what happened with ARC. Even though Liz, CMO at ARC, had negative experiences with creative studios in the past, our experience with her has been different.

We were able to be straightforward from the beginning, telling Liz that even though she didn’t know us well, she would be proud of our work by the end. Thankfully, she was and our relationship continues to evolve and grow to this day.

Today, ARC has been able to achieve great visibility in the market, leading to Instatemp being ranked one of the top 40 products of 2017 by Time Magazine. Team ARC, we are so proud of you and love you very much!

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