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When a company as legendary as Birtcher Development invites you to be a part of their legacy, the only answer is yes.

Passed down through 5 generations, Birtcher Development has been a leader in the world of commercial real estate since 1939. Working with some of the most significant investors and occupiers in North America, this family based enterprise was associated with the Goodman Group for a long time. Eventually they decided to follow their own path, reposition and rebrand as Birtcher — this is where we came in.

The client placed great importance on coming across as reliable, wanting the brand to be timeless, solid and established. As a result of the company’s rich history and prestige, we knew we needed to convey a sense of legacy, without making Birtcher seem old or dated. Luckily, the client was creatively open, but focused, coming to us with several suggestions and a wide array of materials.

We began our process with an intense brand analysis, delving deep into the generational history of Birtcher. Thanks to the help of Brandy and Brooke Birtcher, father and daughter, we were able to understand the company’s evolution and see into key elements of their story. Next, we assessed competitors, taking in how they used colors in their designs. By doing this, we could then create a very unique palette and tone, allowing the brand to stand out. In addition, we created large mood boards, complete with various styles, textures, colors and photographs to inspire up towards a specific path.

After receiving approval on the brand analysis, we brought 6 final brand options to the client, each with its own representation of the Birtcher values—integrity, wisdom, legacy and modernity. Although the client was in love with two, they knew which one could fully carry out the company’s message.

Once the main brand visual was approved, we reworked the color palette and textures, as well as some brand elements, until everything oozed cohesion and meaning.

Keeping the presence of tradition alive, every part of the winning logo had meaning—the crest came directly from the family, while the 5 point crown symbolized the 5 generations of Birtchers. We used the lines to symbolize the company’s intentions, the dots to representing the community and the sun to embody the essence of visionary leadership. When it came to color, we went with a distinctive color palette of gold to represent prosperity. Needless to say, it was one of the most intense sketch presentations that ever took place at EAT, but well worth it. The client was so touched by the element of storytelling weaved into the design, which created a strong bond between us.

Lastly, EAT created an animated, SEO ready, website experience, showcasing the company’s history, the various projects and other key information for potential clients, investors and partners. There was also a brand book that included the Birtcher story, brand guidelines, voice and universe, etc. By the end of the process, everyone who saw the brand fell in love. The client was extremely happy with the results, knowing we had successfully birthed the brand they needed to become.

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