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What do you do when your company is successful, but seems to be missing that playful, modern touch? Turn to the younger generation for help, like our client did with her son.

Double Forte set out to put a holistic touch on the public relations world. As a mid-size PR and marketing firm, their fierce independence has enabled them to focus on authentic relationships; something that can be lost in bigger companies. With a passion for storytelling and communication, they use creativity to strategically reach their client’s target audiences. From concept to design to content creation, this agency offers personalized plans for various communications campaigns in an engaging way.

While they have always been great at what they do, Double Forte was in need of a contemporary update. They had personality, but they weren’t quite sure of how to show it—this is where we came in. The challenge was to fully encapsulate two identities—timeless success and high-spirited relatability. Working with the concept of duality, we needed to make sure that the new colors, values, logos and characteristics didn’t stray too far from the original brand. Our vision was to make Double Forte feel like a wise elder you could trust and the fun friend you love to get coffee with. By offering the best of both worlds, this brand’s communication abilities would be next level.

We were tasked with the following—a complete rebranding, brand development and the creation of a multi-platform campaign design. After extensive brand analysis, our goal was to allow the brand to exude their polished reputation, while having an edgy and modern twist. Our next step was merging two different brands—Double Forte and The Barn Group. The Barn Group is a branch of Double Forte, specializing in the wine business only, so we needed to make these two worlds feel cohesive.

In order to represent both the young and old identities, we designed DOUBLE in a technical and classic font, while FORTE was handwritten and in line with the younger crowd. Creating energetic graphics was a blast and allowed us to really fall in love with this project. A unique aspect of this process was the client turning to her son for advice. She presented him with 6 options, knowing that he represented the younger generation. Not surprisingly, he went with the handwritten approach.

Through working so closely together, we became really in synch with Double Forte. By the end of the process, not only did they love the work we did for them, but they also welcomed us into their lives as friends.

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