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EA Sports

how do you know that your installation was a success? Snoop Dogg couldn’t stop raving about it.

in order to showcase the launch of EA Sports Madden game, we set out to create an activation stunt at five of the biggest music studios in LA. setting up an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable space, the artists would be able to kick back and play in between recording songs. the idea was to craft a memorable experience, one that left people wanting to recreate it in their own homes, and could eventually live on in other studios down the line. in order to do this, EAT’s team designed a special console for each space, incorporating sharp graphics and cozy furniture. while all five spaces would follow the same art direction, each one would be unique.

when it came to design inspiration, the team set out to mix two worlds: the music industry and the sports universe. understanding that both artists and athletes need to work hard in order to succeed, the designers aimed to embody the vibe of excellence through strong and dynamic shapes, and vibrant colors. for the tagline signature, they aimed to incorporate a touch of humanness, which led to a handmade custom font for the most important word: game.

upon completion, the spaces were a total hit. the EA Madden game was successfully framed by the creative backdrops of each space, celebrating the art of the game itself.

the essence of the spaces inspired people, connecting them deeper to the brand than ever before. the artists loved the experience and our client from EA Music received a ton of positive feedback—including from Snoop Dog himself!

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