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They are a three-person team that can make your song a global hit just by putting it in a game. To say that they are powerful within the music industry would be an understatement. To say that they are cool people would also be one.

EA Games is the name in video-game franchises. Chances are you’ve played at least one of their games. With EA Sports titles like Madden NFL, NHL and NBA LIVE as well as franchises like Battlefield, Need for Speed, The Sims, Medal of Honor, and fantasy titles like Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Titanfall – EA is a powerhouse for game development.

And, within this massive company, sits EA Trax – their full-service music department that is the central hub for all of EA’s global music operations. A busy department run by three mastermind maniacs, these experts focus on delivering music-solutions across all of EA’s verticals: music supervision, marketing, business development, brand partnerships, extensions, events, PR, custom music and original scores – they do it all. With their importance within the company continually growing, it was time for them to rebrand the department.

“We are changing the way games sound, where new music is heard and how artist’s careers are launched and developed. Our work and our influence consistently grow beyond games. Beyond borders. Beyond any other music delivery system in the world today.”

- Steve Schnur -

When we first met with the EA Music team we were blown away by them. Not only are they cool – they’re focused, determined, warm, exciting, thoughtful, thought provoking, energized and rebellious. Over a great meal we learned who they are, where their thought process originates and what differentiates them from other music departments. It was clear, after our meeting, that there really is no one else like them. We knew this would be a key element looking towards their rebranding - it would have to reflect their energy and originality.

The first decision made was to rename the department to EA Music to better reflect the scope of what they do within the EA Brand. Next we looked toward redesigning the brand’s logo. Looking to Apple, Nike, Dropbox, Twitter and Spotify as references, we aimed to create an iconic identifier to communicate EA Music’s drive and passion with confidence, edge and skill. We were challenged to create something that is extremely classy, elegant, bold and dark while still being happy, alive and neutral enough to pair well with artists photos while still working without them as EA Music does not represent the artists but works in parallel with them. The new logo would convey clearly that EA Music is about storytelling, trendsetting, risk taking and experience enhancing. They are artist friendly and consumer diverse – a go to brand breaking new artists and pushing the needle across music genres and geographical boundaries. We also knew that we wanted to incorporate the color purple, one of our favorite, regal colors that we so rarely get to use!

With the graphic design in place, we helped to create a “brand book” - a storytelling presentation that really shows off who EA Music is and what they are doing. This deck would be the basis for the way they tell the story of the EA Music brand and share their exciting work with the world. It contains all of their energy and passion in a singular storytelling medium and can be adapted to any presentation they need to make.

As a final enterprise with this project we gave a full marketing presentation to everyone at EA. We described exactly what the EA Music team does, who its movers and shakers are and used this moment to really show everyone at EA how integral the music department is in the greater picture of EA.

EA Music is a force, lead fearlessly by Raphaella Lima, Steve Schnur, and Cybelle Pettus, who continue to inspire us in everything we do and we are so grateful for the lessons we’ve learned from them and the discoveries we’ve made together. Please keep sneaking us your favorite new artists! "Putting a dog, a plug or a dinosaur into a logo is pretty simple; I've done all of that many times before. But to create a brand that impersonates the Electronic Arts music department, a business that is responsible for some of the worldwide biggest games' soundtracks, well, it took a little more effort than usual. The solution: I started sketching until I ran out of ideas. I then took every single one and placed them side by side with a variety of musical acts. These included the current pop stars, such as The Weeknd or Rihanna, a rock band, a famous DJ, and a classical music conductor. This one seems to fit with them all. (which one?) (This one seems to fit with all of them.)" — Gustavo Bouyrié (Uruguaio) | Visual Artist

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