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Galantis Website

the secret recipe to a world renowned production and songwriting duo’s new website? seamlessly combing their existing identity, the heart and soul of their previous work and creative openness for an ever evolving global entertainment brand.

welcome to the world of Galantis, a Swedish DJ group featuring Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow. collectively, this EDM producing and songwriting duo has worked with some of the best in the business, such as Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Icona Pop, Kylie Minogue and Madonna. so when they realized that a new website was in order, they asked us if we would were up for re-designing it. obviously, our answer was a no brainer—of cours

as we set out to brainstorm, we wondered, “should the homepage feature a photo of Christian and Linus or the newest album cover?” going back and forth, we realized that this would be the project’s main challenge—highlighting both the artists themselves and the latest release. knowing that one couldn’t outshine the other, we would have to find a way to incorporate them both, with equal presence, creating a unified visual reality for them to exist in.

working with their existing creative assets, our job was to upgrade the overall UI/UX; it needed to be more visually appealing and easier for Galantis to make updates. we began with the concept and then moved onto UI/UX. we set out to create three different versions for the initial round. version one focused on the cover art, featuring a full screen photo of the guys as the background, with their song titles layered on top (kind of like movie credits).

when the mouse hovered over the writing, the cover art would then appear. the second version focused in on the guys, displaying a large, blacked out outline of the duo and a small photo of the cover off to the right side of the screen. and lastly, version three strived to push coding boundaries, featuring a simple image that would then transform into a variety of colorful, animated graphics and the Seafox (their main graphic symbol at the time). the idea was to emulate a little bit of Mat Maitland's style, the talented art director who designed the cover of Aviary.

the client ended up loving all three versions, leaving us with helpful feedback—tweak version two by adding some of the color elements of version three. from this point on, we made a few small adjustments, such as switching the main photo for something clearer and designing the rest of the pages. when it came to coding, everything went really smoothly. the animated birds and a few effects on the homepage gave it that unique pop. it’s safe to say that the coding team totally nailed it!

by the end of this project, everyone was stoked. it’s amazing when the client approves the work so quickly, allowing us to deliver the final product before the already rushed timeline. in our humble opinion, the finished website looks amazing on both desktops and smartphones. we can’t wait to see what Galantis does next and until then, we have plenty of listening material to turn to. sound ON!

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