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Red Bull is such a great brand to work with because they really give a lot of freedom to explore ideas. For Red Bull Global Rallycross, a competition event happening in eight different US cities, we created three unique T-Shirt graphics following three distinct paths: One focused on the series locations. One focused on a traditional racing design and, finally, one without any artistic limitations.

Working within the guidelines provided by Red Bull (logo placement, amount of colors, fabric etc) we challenged ourselves to approach each of the three designs as independent, distinct projects. It was so much fun for the artists on our team to collaborate on this project - each one bringing his or her own interpretation on the same creative brief: One style of shirt was vintage, a different one made really of pure vectors, a third one utilized overlapping layers of transparency.

By allowing our artists a large degree of freedom, we really took advantage of the opportunity to mix different techniques and to open our eyes to how many unique, inspiring directions we can truly take any creative mission.

It was also really lovely to see people purchasing the shirts at the Red Bull Store in Santa Monica, CA. That was really cool and rewarding.

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