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hello society

With Hello Society we have a method and a team working so nice that everything we touch turns into gold - from print materials to very last minute 60 slide decks.

HelloSociety is a full-service agency that represents influential creators across social media by working with brands and agencies to create and execute effective campaigns for said influencers - and was acquired by The New York Times. In the early days, the company was working with mostly Pinterest super-stars, but now they’re working with influencers across many social platforms.

They asked us to create a sales deck for pitching, but we noticed their aesthetic didn’t fully represent the company’s brand. Being how we are, we wanted to rework that and let the brand speak through the deck via textures, color schemes, photo treatments, animations, and more.

"EAT has virtually transformed our business through their incredible design. They gave a fresh, edgy makeover to all of our materials. The design was completely on-brand yet totally transformative, elevating our company on all levels. The entire process was thorough yet fast and in-depth yet simple, and when it was all done I realized that I'd learned a great deal about my own brand. Since the initial re-brand, we continue to use EAT for every major design initiative and are always pleased with the beautiful results and quick turnaround. The materials we work with have had a direct impact on increasing sales: clients consistently tell us that our presentations and proposals are the best they've seen. I can't recommend this firm highly enough!"

Kyla Brennan, CEO, Hello Society

All presentations using the deck landed them closed deals, and HelloSociety loved us so much they hired us for a full rebranding, including new presentation design, visual design, newsletter creation, flyers, and infographics.

To this day we are totally responsible for their ongoing brand positioning. Our relationship is like a bit of a long term relationship - we grow, they grow, and our bond continues to grow stronger. Let’s just say we’re in it for the long-haul, and the feeling is mutual.

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