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EAT went knee deep into the world’s of cinema and VR with the event design and production of the JAUNT VR Lounge at Sundance Film Festival. Read more here.

We’ve been working with Jaunt, one of the leaders in cinematic VR for quite some time now handling all their branding and creative needs. And while we certainly love a good digital or VR experience, when they tapped us to build something for them in the real world, we leaped at the chance. As an official partner of the Sundance Film Festival, Jaunt scored a coveted venue on Main St. in Park City all week long and hired EAT to design the space and experience, complete from all the visual assets, how to relay the brand message in the space, to sourcing all the design, furniture, print and decor elements.

As Sundance tends to be a crowded place for brands all vying for attention from attendees walking down Main St., the first challenge was to cut through the clutter by designing a storefront that was warm and inviting while still being true to the Jaunt brand that is modern and uses cutting-edge technology. EAT was able to find the right balance between fun, inviting, and high-tech through the use of bold colors in modern geometrical patterns all over the front windows with a clear call-to-action to “come inside and see what’s new in cinematic VR”. We also ensured that passersby could see through the windows to see the VR stations in action to peak their curiosity.

The next challenge was how to draw people inside the space once they came into the foyer area which we were able to do with clever messaging and design on the staircase and entryway. With 5 different VR stations, each with its own “content category” (music, scripted, etc.) we opted to visually define each vertical by assigning it it’s own color to make clear that each station offered different types of content pieces. Still, the biggest challenge was to find a way to convey the complex brand offering and key brand message in an easy-to-understand way throughout the space. As Jaunt builds the camera, the post-production platform, and is also a VR content channel, we were able to convey this visually by dividing the venue space into these 3 aspects of the business with a logical pathway for guests to explore each step of the process. Lastly, EAT also designed and sourced some killer branded merch including touch-screen gloves, battery charging packs, and branded moleskines for all you creative types.

The design and event strategy was a total success as the Jaunt VR Lounge had lines for demos all week long to prove it and created quite some buzz at the festival. When we caught our Jaunt lead and creative collaborator, Miles Perkins, laughing in the corner out of sheer delight, we knew we did something special here!

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