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kate nash

Kate Nash is very creative and knows exactly what her brand is, so we were lucky enough to work closely with her and her team during the entire project. Upon first meeting her we bonded over a few moscow mules and a group hug, so we felt a deep connection to this project.

Kate Nash is a multi-instrumental recording artist from London, with a platinum selling album and a BRIT Award under her belt. She expresses herself through raw and unabashed songwriting, and fearless fashion, making her known in both the music and fashion industry.

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Kate underwent a transformation not only in her music, but also in her overall style, so we were brought on to re-design her website to reflect this change.

We worked with colorful pop tones, inspired by fashion magazines and contemporary art references, to make a collage style design, decorated with pictures from different moments in her career. The website collates all moments and phases of Kate (musically and stylistically) into a unified look.

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