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If your favorite means of communication is text messaging and you HATE phone calls (that’s us), Locent is for you. Locent is a start-up that allows users to buy products through text messages, with aims to be so efficient that it would reinvent the call center and customer service concept currently used for most companies. We first met Matt Joseph (Locent’s owner) via a mutual friend, and after a few hours of picking brains, a strong bond was made.

Shortly after, the Locent team actually moved into our office in Santa Monica to share space, which they later took over once we moved out. We were so excited for the team when they were accepted in Y Combinator (the biggest startup accelerator in the world), and were even more excited when they brought us on to help with brand development.

We needed to get Locent ready for pitching to investors and potential clients, so we started with the bare bones and helped the company create a brand that was flexible and dynamic enough to adapt to future prospects and appeal to various clients. We were so excited for this project because the start-up mentality really gave us the freedom to get creative and execute our vision in so many different ways.

To get started we dived deep into researching and brainstorming about the idea of communication itself: different ways people communicate, how they do so, what is expressed. We pictured a window - the Locent window, and imagined it as a place where people can communicate without borders. From here we designed the logo - a dynamic shape, which represented a gate or portal - essentially a connection. Once we established this shape/symbol we played with different textures and materials to create our end result.

Working with Locent was such a pleasure and we’re so thankful that they allowed us to be a part of such a fundamental stage.

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