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we went on a road trip with two incredible partners: Lyft and Clear as Day. and by going on a road trip we mean doing a really cool project. and by incredible partners we do mean incredible.

we’re always eager to work with brands that share some of the same values as us. companies that work toward doing good and helping make people’s lives better and easier. so you know we just had to take this opportunity to work with Lyft alongside our long-time partners from Clear as Day.

our task was to create a special deck for Lyft’s experiential project, that really translated their unique look and feel, so we took on Lyft’s brandbook and overall vibe for inspiration.

Lyft has a beautiful, strong and well-thought brand, which made our jobs a lot easier, since we had so much to work with. we combined their gorgeous color palette, their cool, gen-z inspired photoshoot, and a lot of animation work to make the content look light and fun.

since the beginning, we were granted total access to the assets we needed, like their brandbook, to help us get the tone just right, tying together the visuals with the message we were delivering.

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