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Pilates is like a pleasurable torture - you will get in the best shape of your life, but the cost is pain in the form of muscle soreness. This is why we’re hooked on it.

Metamorphosis is a pilates and spin boutique studio that offers high energy group classes to all fitness levels, with the goal of inspiring the community to join together to focus on their health and fitness goals. The studio is owned by two very special people, one of which being our all time favorite pilates teacher in LA, Jennifer Yates. We became Jennifer’s biggest fan after taking a few of her classes at a different studio.

When we learned that she was planning to start her own studio in Pasadena, we jumped right to the opportunity to help her because we so firmly believed in her talents as an instructor.

Click here to see the website.

Our challenge was to help design the studio's website and fine tune its brand identity. We created a responsive website that allowed clients to book classes and pick a spot in the studio room either for Pilates or Spin. EAT has also created branded graphic materials.

We've worked closely to Zyngfit, a platform that empowers lifestyle brands to control booking and payment methods so that we could create a completely customized experience for Metamorphosis.

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