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Musical Freedom Records Website

when you’re creating a music platform for one of the biggest labels in the business, everything needs to really go with the flow (or, in this case, the beat).

being the home of incredible artists such as Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers and DVBBS, it’s no wonder Tiësto’s label Musical Freedom Records wanted their entire brand, just like their music, to be in complete sync. so, they called us up to create a modern platform that would display their 300+ track catalogue.

they wanted a clean, no-nonsense look, that would go perfectly with their cool brand. the platform needed to be functional, allowing several musical connections. we started out with a benchmark research and concept development, going from UX thinking and prototype drawing, to designing all the screens and coding. everything was made to keep the website super user-friendly, creating ways for the users to listen to tracks in any platform or device they may want.

the website would be showcasing MFR’s hits, so the platform needed to make users feel like they were really stepping into MFR’s world. inspired by their brandbook, we drew out some color combos that worked really well in contrast with the black and white photos. the website needed not only to be functional, but also elegant and fun. we felt like the brand’s unique personality should really stand out in this project. the final product was charmingly described by our designers as: (fun)ctional.

we used metadata and links from an application called LinkFire, which hosts tracks and distributes them for different platforms, to manage the hundreds of tracks MFR wanted to display. using LinkFire’s API, we were able to customize our own track page, without having to host every single track, automating the process.

the result was a seamless, modern website that consists of a home page with a feature track and several individual tracks, a track page for each of them and a radio. translating MFR’s killer idea into a completely new platform was a challenge we are extremely grateful to be a part of. we’re excited to see what they come up with next.

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