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olympikus tube

“Your body was not made for standing still” - That’s the core idea behind Olympikus’s brand, one of Brazil’s leading athletic companies. So what better way to show off their brand and their shoes’ new impact absorption system than to have free runners flip and jump off buildings...These people….they’re like cats...always landing on their feet...It’s crazy.

Working with Zeppelin films, we were hired by Olympikus, a massive Brazilian sports brand, to coordinate the US production of a new commercial featuring Olympikus’s new “impact absorption system” for their sneakers. Once we decided that we’d film in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, CA, we worked together to create a spot that not only demonstrated the technical capabilities of the shoe but also the creativity and energy of the company.

Naturally we felt that Parkour - street free-running - would be a great fit. We held an open casting call, inviting the Parkour artists of Los Angeles to audition and once we found our heroes we set about discovering unique, bright and youthful locations for our shoot.

"Make it happen". That’s the perfect way of defining the works I’ve accomplished due to EAT’s collaboration on my films. Two times I’ve needed them and they were always fulfilling. They made it happen. No worries, just getting things done. One step after the other, bam bam bam, and we had amazing results.” - Rog Souza, Director

This was our first collaboration with Rog Souza and the beginning of a beautiful working relationship.

The creative energy on the set was amazing. Rog had such a collaborative approach with his actors and the locations lent themselves to such beautiful shots.

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