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Red Bull isn’t just interested in dominating the energy drink arena; they are taking over the eSports world, too.

Considered a pioneer in the world of branding, Red Bull is constantly pushing the limit through their cultural content. Creating on a global and highly influential level, they set out to spread their wings with eSports. In case you aren’t familiar with it, eSports is currently the fastest growing sporting league in the world. Their goal was to bring Red Bull Smash Gods and Gatekeepers, a fighting game tournament to LA and we wanted to help make it happen. During this unique Smash Gods Team Tournament, the top eight Gods selected three disciples each. These teams of 4 (3 Gatekeepers and a God) then faced each other in a single elimination.

Knowing this tournament was the first of its kind, it meant our branding direction would have to be unique and captivating, like the Gods themselves. Another crucial factor was the logo, as it had to capture the gravity of the story we wanted to tell. Bringing a sense of power and sacredness into the design was essential. As with most of our previous projects with Red Bull, EAT needed to create artwork that would later be printed and used to promote a real life experience. When it came to choosing a location, The Wiltern was an obvious choice. Once inside, we realized that the space was infused with the brand’s identity. It was a spatial slam dunk.

Starting with brand analysis research, we focused on finding realistic inspiration for the campaign’s artwork. We wanted to capture both a relatable and god-like aesthetic that could be printed in a big format. After presenting several designs with tones of blue and purple, we decided to go with a more unusual color scheme. The beige and gold tones of the pillars and temples were unlike any of the brands, leaving the client impressed. During our process, we also used our super powers to address three challenges: creating a temple-sized badge with columns, fitting the full name, “Red Bull Smash Gods and Gatekeepers,” on the badge, as well as maintaining Red Bull standard guidelines.

So which piece of artwork did everyone love most? It was definitely the infographic, which explained the gameplay and organization of the event. When the project was completed, the client was happy. So happy that today, we are continuing to work with the eSports department at Red Bull. Thanks to our constant process of innovation, Red Bull rests easy knowing we will represent their ventures in fresh and smart ways.

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