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red bull world

With so much of our work appearing in the digital space, the opportunity to realize our designs and bring them out into a physical retail space with Red Bull’s first physical store, Red Bull World, was a welcomed challenge.

As a second part to our digital work for Red Bull Shop – their online retail venture – we worked to create the visual identity for their first physical retail store in America located at their U.S. headquarters in Santa Monica. Expanding upon the brand book that we created for their online design, we continued through to design the in-store shopping experience for their real world consumers.

We first performed a complete brand analysis. It was during this research phase that we began to hone in the visual language that we would use first for their online store and then translate into the physical space of their retail shop. We focused on a visual mood that would blend the geometric with the organic. Looking at these components we arrived on a visual language defined by two dominant elements: a navy rectangular “fractal” pattern and a grainy wooden texture inspired by the furniture and floors selected for the space. These concepts would define the “visual through-line” for all of the visual designs both online and in the retail shop.

With our visual language in place we then looked towards the physical production of each piece for the store. So much goes into the physical design of a retail space and even small aspects play into the overall shopping experience. We knew the experience needed to feel dynamic and energetic, yet still polished and high-end. We first focused on “mood pieces” which allowed the client to visualize what would become the completed look of the retail space. Creating these mood pieces was integral to our design process as it allowed us to work and clarify our goals in a logical progression, to prevent from losing time by working in the wrong direction. After a mood piece was selected and its aesthetic approved we could then focus on developing all the graphic materials and move each piece into production.

We designed everything that plays into the overall retail experience, from hang tags, to hangers, wrapping paper, discount cards, gift cards, business cards, signs, wall art, and invitations. In the end it was so rewarding to step into the store and see the way every small bit of work plays into the overall brand experience and aesthetic of the shopping environment. The space is engaging and energetic while remaining subtle and in the background of the merchandise which is what really needs to stand out. The store does not hit you over the head with its branding, but rather, feels cohesive, inviting, and modern.

The store launch was an incredible success and well received amongst employees and Red Bull enthusiasts. To us at EAT, it serves as a little gallery of our work, for all to see and we think that’s pretty special.

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