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Adidas Sport Club

the client:
We all know adidas as one of the world's most recognized and loved brands. What not everybody knows is that in the late 60s, adidas’ founder Adi Dassler built a guest house to host business partners, athletes, and their managers. in 1972, after the Munich Olympic Games, his guest house became the adidas Sport Hotel — primarily a conference hotel, still in family ownership, built for business and play: a place to build relationships in a comfortable and pleasant environment, where both friendships and business deals bloomed. adidas Sport Club was brought back to celebrate the spirit of adidas' legacy across sport and culture.

branding, graphic design

the challenge:
once again teaming up with our long-time partners from Clear as Day, we were challenged to create a distinguished identity for the Adidas Sport Club at Coachella Valley. the task was to leverage the heritage of the Adidas Sport Hotel, combining cool factors of today without losing its vintage touch, creating a bold, clean and edgy brand and design system that would be flexible enough to adapt in future editions of the event.

the solution:
adidas Sport Club embodies the legacy of the adidas Sport Hotel, while also combining a fresh take on entertainment and hospitality. the creative research for this particular project was really broad - we started by gathering any information we could from the original Adidas Sport Hotel and its presence in the ‘72 Olympic Games. we also took some time to dive into other Adidas sub-brands, hotel identities from basically everywhere, sports pubs / bars / restaurants / clubs, a lot of music related branding cases, and finally we went through adidas’ archive to check out some really cool vintage designs of theirs. since the brand should be able to live through music festivals and several other experiences, we first created the logo lockup, which needed to be modern, premium, clean and communicate seamlessly with influencers and creators. then, we went on to the brand application system, which incorporated the californian music festival vibe, inspired by mid-century design, making the festival's energy tangible. the end result was a simple, elegant and versatile logo, which could then be used in different environments. the vibrant color highlights, vintage imagery and duotone treatments brought the music festival element, which made the brand really pop.

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