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It’s a one stop fashion shop ready with a click to dress its members from head to toe in the most stylish and affordable clothing - and they needed to innovate their branding from the top down. That’s when they called us.

A global leader in online fashion and merchandising offering its more than 4 million members a personalized shopping experience based on their fashion preferences, JustFab needed a parent company, a mother brand to carry not only JustFab under its umbrella, but also FabKids, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics and FL2. Our project with them began first with a naming process and then developed into a full rebrand of the company.

"Working with EAT was a productive pleasure. From their process, to their attitude to their ideas – they infused poignant and distinctive creative into the project, while bringing out the best ideas from internal creative talent."

Shawn Gold - CMO TechStyle

Putting our heads together, we began first to examine the core values of the company itself. Working directly with JustFab founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, both incredible people, we first learned about the creation of the company and found a great deal of inspiration in their story.

JustFab was founded with a communal spirit and a radical objective: To reinvent the global fashion business in a way that personally engages every customer and delivers on trend fashion at exceptional value. JustFab aims to re-imagine from the inside/out what a modern fashion company looks like and the way it operates.

As they explain: “We are a culture of innovation bringing execution and passion to design, manufacturing, supply chain, personalization, process engineering, culture and service.”

We loved this mission and sought to create a brand that encompasses everything they are passionate about.

We began with naming. Our mission: to create a brand name that is sleek and contemporary; Simple enough to be eternal but still modern enough to capture today’s zeitgeist.

After a long round of naming, a couple of options emerged as frontrunner and after three rapid rounds of naming we arrived on TechStyle as a nod to textiles and the fact that FAB is all about managing personal style in an online environment. TechStyle also represents the culture of the company - it’s big business with a heart and human approach, a company where people have fun while also working for one of the most quickly evolving fashion startups in the world.

"We based our concepts for this brand on the idea of perfection. Alignment. Execution. Feel and vibration, we wanted the design of the brand to match the goals and attitude of its creators.

Of course striving for perfection took a lot of work. We made mood boards. Spent sleepless nights creating small paper sketches and visual tests that we eventually evolved into the greater brand designs. It was all worth it. In the end I really love the way the brand is a convergence of fresh and cool placed against solid and traditional aspects. It conveys strength, innovation and balance and I hope it will become a benchmark in the fashion industry."

EAT’s visual artist Gabriel Kolton

With the naming process finished, we then looked towards re-branding the look of TechStyle to reflect their newly reimagined identity. Suddenly, with the new name, the voice of TechStyle became crystal clear and our artists designed beautiful branded graphic materials to match the company’s innovative way of thinking.

The challenge here was to convey a look and feel that is corporate, but fun and unpretentious at the same time. Cohesion was also integral. With the number of sub-brands within Techstyle, we focused on creating a unified vision for each brand that would also allow them to retain the individual identity. We referred to this idea as “Zippering.” Each sub-brand visually folds and overlaps with the others, but they are also their own unique piece of the TechStyle family.

In the end it was a whirlwind process working with Techstyle. From approvals, to creating processes to making final decisions, we were impressed with the precision and speed with which the company works and truly fell in love with the passion of the company’s founders.

We’re so excited now to see the final TechStyle brand all over the place. From digital campaigns to stationary, merchandise, business cards – on every employee paycheck even, it’s so rewarding for us to see our work in action.

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