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After three days and nights of work, we woke up from a feedback text from the client saying that “Jay-Z loved it”.

Tidal made its break to the digital music streaming world in 2014 when Jay-Z and Roc-Nation acquired the company, and announced it’s sixteen all-star stakeholders (everyone from Rihanna, Coldplay, Beyonce, Madonna, Calvin Harris & more).

We were hired by creative agency HxH and Dave Holmes (Coldplay’s manager), to present Dave’s vision for the new platform to Jay-Z, with the goal of becoming the company's new CMO.

We worked closely with Dave and HxH to translate his ideas into a story represented in three presentations that show the functionalities of the app and its business opportunities, brought to life via mock-ups and renders. In doing this we expanded the brand aesthetic onto multiple platforms.

Tidal still uses our animated wave graphic, and Dave even hired us privately for lessons on how to produce stunning keynotes for presenting to top executive. He wrote us this heart-warming note: “Renata, you have literally changed my life and given me such confidence. I am eternally grateful to you and Gabriel!”

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