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Here’s a secret about us...we love movies...especially animated films...and we fell in love with Big Hero 6 while working with Tumblr on their promotional campaigns.

Partnering with Tumblr, what started initially as a production opportunity to photograph Tumblr’s closed, fan-based events to promote Big Hero 6 and The Hunger Games, turned into a really lovely creative partnership.

Working closely with the filmmakers, we created animated gifs that were distributed on Tumblr blogs as well as beautiful, glossy photo-cards that guests would take home with them after the events.

"Working with EAT was beautiful." - Suzanne Caden, CMP and events producer, tumblr

While working closely with Tumblr was exciting enough, what was really inspiring was listening to the filmmakers discuss their creative process. It’s always exciting to learn while working and we took home many lessons from them that we still integrate in our own storytelling process.

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