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While we don’t typically meet new clients at Halloween parties, that is exactly how we connected with Valencia Home. And if you are wondering if we were in costume while discussing the project, the answer is yes.

Valencia Home is changing up the real estate development game, bringing humanity and an environmentally sound mindset into everything they do. When we heard that their goal was to create a more beautiful world, we were immediately intrigued; that kind of tagline is right up our alley. Aiming to promote health and well-being through restorative and ‘eco’ design, Valencia Home implements a variety of sustainable materials and technologies, without losing a timeless design aesthetic. While conscious capitalism can sound like an oxymoron, this company proves it isn’t.

The challenge for this project was weaving in opposing identities—natural minimalism and technological innovation. Although this is a socially and environmentally-conscious company, we didn’t want it to come off as too granola or behind the times. There is a simplicity to the brand, but never at the expense of a captivating aesthetic or forward home automation and construction technology.

If this brand was a person, we needed them to be a revolutionary activist with a giant heart; someone who’d invite you over after a peace rally. If we had to guess what would be playing on their iPod, it would be probably be Fela Kuti. If this brand was a person, we’d definitely be friends.

Starting with brand development, EAT began mapping out Valencia Home’s DNA. We discovered that this company needed to feel welcoming, without sacrificing its cutting edge vibe. We sprinkled a hint of hippy and a dash of spirituality while maintaining the presence of next level technology.

From here, we moved on to the branded graphic materials. We were aiming to bring a sense of the natural world into our design, which led us to include a sun and a shape inspired by an amerindian teepee. The teepee-like triangle simultaneously represents simple architecture and deep meaning, and if turned upside down, becomes the V of Valencia. Our final step was the brand book, which was a blast to create. We used graphics that were minimal, sleek and identifiable, and paired them with muted, soothing colors.

Since the client is an architect with an artist’s eye, he was pretty particular about the graphics. Luckily we had Gustavo Panichini, our most methodical and detail-oriented designer, on board. As you can probably guess, these two were a design match made in heaven. By the end of the project, the client was thrilled with the final result. His brand has a unique, heart-felt flair, which has supported its current success.

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