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thanks to Vital, the market just got a little bit more innovative.

created by our friends at ARC Connected Health, Vital is shaking up the world of healthcare marketing. through their new revolutionary product called Vital Moto Mod, consumers are able to measure critical vital signs through a sleek, single device. using this pioneer technology, the user is able to measure heart rate, pulse oxygen levels, respiratory rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and core body temperature in the palm of their hand; it is also the first connected integrated multi-vital sign monitoring platform that you can operate through a simple app on your phone.

luckily for us, it was easy to be inspired by this company’s mission, as they wanted to put power back into the consumers’ hands; as a result of this process being simple and easy, there was no reason not to stay on a path of health. by combining next level technology with a strong desire to humanize this industry, they have successfully created something that represents their desire—to inspire life.

starting from scratch, we set out to create Vital’s name, brand and website ( through our brand analysis, we quickly realized that Vital would have more than just ARC’s competitors in their market chain—they would also be going up against wearable devices and apps that monitor health. one challenge we faced was addressing the wellness and chronic illness demographics simultaneously; we wanted designs that spoke to the healthcare industry (clinics and ambulatories) and regular people.

in addition, we needed to create a brand that is both warm and innovative, welcoming and high tech, while integrating movement and a unique feel. to encapsulate this duality, we carefully chose the color palette, as well two different, but connected, typography approaches. while hospital visits are never fun, they served as inspiration for this project. re-creating the image of a vital sign measurement on a computer screen, we used its curves and shapes to finally end in the letter V.

this project went by quicker than the average, as this brand was approved on V1 after adjustments to the color palette. once those minor changes were made, the design, structure and overall feel was approved a day after we presented it to the client. The ARC team was thrilled with the results, feeling like we had successfully conveyed the brand. EAT has been in love with everything Vital has been doing from start, so to get that love back felt great.

“Hi Team. Just wanted to say that this is really amazing work! I love the focus and energy that you’ve made the brand convey.” - Christine Cherepy, VP of Software Development

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