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we worked with a brand that really walks the walk. with amazing shoes.

it’s very exciting to work with such a strong love brand such as Adidas. this is a company that really steps up the game on the whole “talk the talk, but also walk the walk” thing. they’re here for their audience, and they’re here to break down some boundaries, and that’s exactly the sort of thing we love to hear.

our friend Monica Glass is the mastermind behind the Adidas’ new culture marketing strategy, so we were pumped when she called us up to create a presentation for them, and not only work with this amazing brand, but also team up with our sister-company, Clear as Day.

the idea was to create a presentation for Adidas that really spoke to the brand and their bold, unique vibe. as you would expect with Adidas, we had some amazing visual assets to work with; from gorgeous videos to a really exceptional photography work.

we had a blast creating for a brand that shares so much values with us, creating a safe space to create and for creators. it was nice to put on our (killer) shoes and get some work done.

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