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Heard of "e-sports"? It’s the fastest growing sporting league in the world. Maybe even history. And Red Bull is blowing the space wide open.

Over the past year we’ve developed a really amazing relationship with Red Bull and we are honored that they chose to work with us for the branding of a new eSports program.

Red Bull pushes the limits in everything it touches (from motorsports, to surfing, and of course the mind-blowing Red Bull Stratos space jump), and we knew that Red Bull's creation of a eSports fighting game circuit would be an incredible opportunity to set a new benchmark in the gaming community.

The challenge was to create an iconic brand that was classic but still have an adaptable element that could be changed from game to game. We began first with a brand analysis and research. We learned so much about the gaming community. Authenticity...authenticity...authenticity… this is the primary demand of gamers.

In the end, we were able to create a new bold and timeless brand. As the first events featured Street Fighter V, one of EAT’s artists, Bruno, was able to credibly capture the Japanese spirit of this event series through his free-hand paint brush illustrations of the Street Fighter characters and even the iconic Hadouken (energy ball).

Red Bull is always pushing its brand to the next level and constantly challenging us as collaborators to create unique ideas that no one has ever seen before. They were so brave to venture into such a fresh direction for this eSports brand and we’re incredibly proud and excited by the designs we created. In the ever-changing landscape of eSports we couldn’t ask for a better team to work with.

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