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Clear as Day

EAT + CAD — we finally got the sister (agency) we’ve always wanted.

Long time friend and collaborator, Monica Glass has been an integral part of EAT for the last two years. After leaving her position on the National Culture Marketing leadership team at Red Bull, she came on board to consult on business and creative strategy in 2016. After many successful projects Monica decided to follow her highest inspiration, as she opens an experiential marketing agency called Clear As Day. Clear As Day develops marketing strategies and seamlessly brings them to life through multi-platform campaigns, branded events, and content. Their specialty is helping brands authentically connect to consumers through their passion points, whether it be music, fashion, art, sustainability, or eSports.

EAT has been part of Clear As Day’s development since the start, providing brand development and analysis, a presentation deck and motion graphics. Once we heard the name for the company it conjured up a positive vibe and we knew we should play with the idea of a simple circle representing the sun. From here, we moved onto the brand’s positioning, moving through a brand analysis to understand the goals of the agency and how they differ from their competitors. We then began going through visual references, taking in images, animations that accurately reflected the values and attributes of the brand.

In order to deliver on the client’s direction of a brand that was both modern and timeless while still being warm and friendly, we kept the lines clean, combining the basic shapes of a circle and square and then gave the brand it’s warmth through the use of nature-inspired color tones. Lastly, the design of the brand’s pitch deck, along with stationary, all fed into that singular vision.

Our first presentation featured six potential versions of the brand and were able to walk away that day with the winner. While this is not usually the case, our long time relationship with Monica certainly helped speed up the process; the final brand was ready one month later.

We consider Clear As Day as “a sister agency” to EAT and look forward to designing assets for their many projects and events. We can’t wait to see all of the magic that Monica will create; we wish her all the success in the world.

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