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Netflix GCM

the client:
you know when you’ve been working on something you’re so proud of, you can’t wait to tell everyone about it? well, this is absolutely the case.
to work with a company like Netflix is such a blast because we feel like we vibe in the same frequency. like us, they’re makers and storytellers.
they seek to empower people to tell their stories - or to at least watch new stories every day.

key words:
presentation deck, graphic design

the situation:
Netflix tasked us to create a presentation deck for their Global Creative Marketing Team - which would then be continually presented internally to different people from several departments. the deck should be concise, yet visually appealing.

the solution:
we worked around the clock with the Netflix team from different time zones and we enjoyed every second of it. the process was painless and rewarding, and we were able to use their brand guidelines, to create a deck that was both straightforward and beautiful.

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