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Maker Studios is well-known as the global leader in short-form video that reaches Millennials with one of the largest influencer networks worldwide. The company works with independent creators (such as PewDiePie) on original content, brand partnership, audience growth, and ultimately the expansion of their own brands. Over the last year we’ve worked on several projects with Maker, Revelmode was one of them.

PewDiePie, one of the biggest names in digital (Guinness Book Record holder For Most YouTube Subscribers: over 42MI+ subscribers and 11BI+ video views), expanded his digital media empire with the launch of Revelmode, a new network for creators united in their passion for gaming and pop culture. Together, the talent which make up the Revelmode network have over 100 million followers across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat today.

The network focuses on premium content, game development, philanthropic programs, commercial partnerships and merchandise, with the idea that digital content has the power to entertain, unite, and inspire millennials into positive social action. We were brought in by our friends at Maker Studios at the very beginnings of the Revelmode project to essentially help create the visual identity of the brand.

Upon start, we did extensive trend and mood research to further understand the cultural expressions of the millennial universe, gathering several examples of naming possibilities, visual inspiration and cultural behavior to get us going in the right direction. From here, we performed numerous naming exercises, providing PewDiePie and Maker with a substantial list of options to choose from.

With the goal of conveying joy and fun, Revelmode, which means an “out-of-control state of having fun”, was the final winner. Four members of our team got to work, with the joyous and fun sense in mind, and created the logo - a hybrid plug that assumes different shapes with extra objects depending on the character it embodies. We designed twelve unique avatars for each character/YouTube creator involved in Revelmode, based on slight variations on the main logo.

Along with the brand creation, we created brand guidelines for merch based on the logo, including designs on an iPhone case, backpack, posters, and even candy! The final step of the project was to design the Revelmode website. We loved this project because the mood of the brand was light hearted and nothing was too silly - the more creative the better.

With praises (and bro-fists) from PewDiePie himself, we couldn’t be happier and more thankful to be involved in the next huge step in Pewd’s takeover of the internet!

CLICK HERE to see the website.

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