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EAT team trip 2018

different points of view of Tenerife

our team trips are always subject to loads of expectation and excitement, so every year we create a keyvisual to illustrate our next destination. obviously, having so many artists and being such a visual team overall, we will always find excuses to create and design beautiful artwork, but this year we wanted to go a little further and explore the different visuals and skills our artists have to offer.

about the team trip: every year, we get together for a whole week in a completely different place in the world, so we can work, talk, laugh and just bond face to face. this year, we met in the beautiful, sunny Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

the situation: since we have so many different skilled artists in our team, we invited each one to create their own version of a poster for our team trip, using the trip to Tenerife as the only common point between the artworks.

the solution: multi platform campaign design with six beautiful posters representing this year’s trip. each one of the artists used this space as an opportunity to reinvent themselves and see how far their abilities can go.

the sweetest part was that, during this process, our artists talked to each other and loved the other’s arts so much, they started trying to “set a tone” for the posters. we had to remind them that this was their space to truly be themselves and be free to work with this task in any way they wanted to.

the artist:
Ijui behind the art: “since the Canary Islands are famous for their surfing spots, I thought about creating a visual that shows the company mascot, Veronika, surfing in Tenerife's scenario. I also added the local Volcano in the background to make a stronger connection with the location.”

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