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Warner Bros. Records

Hearing that Warner Bros. Records Inc. wanted to learn from us was music to our ears.

Created in 1958, Warner Bros. Records Inc. is one of the most successful recording companies in the world. With some of the top new and established artists, their influence on culture is massive. With a desire to stay known as a visionary within the business and stand out amongst the rest, they realized that impeccable creativity was essential to their marketing efforts. After all, if you are housing some of the most impressive artist on the planets, every aspect of your company needs to be just as good as them.

Understanding that there is an art to unleashing creative potential, EAT decided to step into the role of teacher. With 8 years of experience under our belts, we knew how different businesses behave, organize and produce within a hierarchy. The desire to teach took life through custom workshops, where strategic problem solving and other methods could be shared. Warner got wind of this and soon got a hold of us.

Warner’s struggle included internal challenges regarding coordinating, producing and publishing launch campaigns for their key in house talent. Our plan was to show 20 members of their core marketing team how to effectively & efficiently approach branding and creative brainstorms, using our own successes and failures as an guidebook. While some view creativity as something you either have or don’t have, there are actually tools to focus and harness this mysterious force.

Since this was a new endeavor for EAT, we dove head first into the problem, trying to understand how we could translate our own experiences into tools, as well as the plethora of research out there, before creating a step by step process. From here, we designed an outline, making sure to keep things fun and engaging, which was then followed by the presentation. Each chapter and slide had a life of its own, featuring engaging graphics, videos and techniques on how to guide a brainstorm. We also printed out creativity “survival guides” for each of the team members so that they had something to return to in the future.

Taking on a new project like this was an amazing experience, especially since we got to work with such special people. Not only was it fun, but it also helped us look at our own processes. We walked away understanding ourselves as a team better, as well as knowing what we needed to improve on going forward. It also felt great to know that the client was happy with the class’ outcome, sharing that the team has been putting our tools into action.

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