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Trophy for Marvel vs Capcom Tournament

Capcom is a legendary gaming company, famous for titles like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man and Devil May Cry. It’s not surprising, given Capcom’s presence in video games, that their eSports league and tournaments are some of the highest attended and watched around the world. Being excited about all things eSports, we were stoked when Capcom called us to create a unique and impressive trophy; it would be presented to the winner of the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Battle of the Stones Tournament.

We hit the ground running, starting with sketches to explore three distinct creative directions, and then creating a 3D model. Knowing how legendary Capcom is, we went above and beyond to deliver a trophy that is reflective of a world champion. Based of the character Thanos’ arm and fist, the final model came in at 19” tall with six removable gemstones.

"Working with EAT on Capcom Cup 2016 was an exceptional experience as they were able to work around our incredibly tight deadlines and delivered stunning results!" Neidel Crisan - Director, Digital Media & eSports at Capcom

This was such a great project for us – we love creating physical pieces. Also, as video game lovers, it was a joy to create such a significant piece for the eSports community. We’ll see everyone next year – we’ll be the ones in the back having been knocked out in the preliminaries. :)

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